(Preliminary Sales contracts, easements, usufruct, adverse possession, etc.).

We offer advice and guidance to both Italian and foreign clients on all aspects of real estate transactions, regarding residential and commercial property, preparing preliminary sales contracts and purchase offers, help in matters such as pre-emption rights, rights-of-way, adverse possession, etc.

-- Obtaining a TAX CODE: A Tax code is an identification number required when opening a bank account, purchasing/selling a property or auto, when making or receiving payments.

-- opening a BANK ACCOUNT: opening a bank account for both residents and non-residents (internet banking, chequebook, bank transfers, etc.)

-- obtaining LOANS: preparation for obtaining loans from Italian and foreign banks, including obtaining a mortgage loan for property purchases.

--preparing the PRELIMINARY SALES CONTRACT: This is a written preliminary contract prepared in which the owner or Seller of the property promises to sell to the Buyer (villa, apartment, land) at an agreed-upon price and according to the terms set out in the contract (confirmatory deposit, advance payments, deadlines, registration of contract and safeguarding and protecting the client’s rights in the case of non-fulfilment). Complete searches will be carried out so that the property purchase is done in a legal and thorough manner (existing mortgages, pre-emption rights, rights-of-way, etc.)

-- drafting, translation and legalisation of power-of-attorneys and corporate documents, advice on fiscal benefits (with reduction of purchase tax), help in preparation of Final Deed of Sale, changeover of utilities, postal service notification, obtaining residency status, permit-to-stay, buying a car, business start-up in Italy.

GS will help you to prepare and draft the particular agreement or transaction you need, clearly and completely, keeping your best interests in mind.